Body Piercing Parlors

Body piercing parlors have become increasingly popular in recent years. Twenty five years ago it was strange to see a person with a body piercing, especially a facial piercing. Nowadays it's doubtful you don't at least a few friends with a tongue stud, nose ring or eyebrow pierced. Facial piercing is just the tip of the iceberg, people these days are getting ever more ingenious with where their getting pierced, and the kinds of body jewelry their displaying.

Have you been considering getting pierced you're probably a little scared, and have some concerns? The number one thing everyone ever wants' me to explain is how much do body piercing's' cost at body piercing parlors and why, this is a difficult question to answer because of the many variations involved. For instance, where you live can affect the price you pay, as well were you want your piercing can be a big factor? Obviously getting your ears pierced is going to be cheaper than a lip piercing.

Well everybody is different and yeah, for a couple minutes it's going to hurt, but the pain fades quickly in most cases with the exception of body piercing in more delicate area's which can be a little sore for a few days.

They've heard all the stories about a piercing a friend gave a friend that became infected or they thought was infected, so now they are a little freaked-out.

The truth is for a few days after your body piercing you will have some drainage, this is normal. If the discharge begins to change color yellow or green or thicken you should be concerned. My answer is your odds of getting an infection are remarkably lower at the boutique; backroom piercing is an infection waiting to happen and the cause of all the horror stories about piercing infections.

The next thing they always want to know is how to choose a good piercing shop? If you forget everything else I have tried to explain to you about a quality body piercing parlors you want to be sure their piercer's are professional, their workstation is hospital quality clean and their body piercing tools are sterile. For more information on body piercing parlors subscribe to our RSS feed.

Body piercing can be a really bold statement to set yourself apart from the crowd, but there are some risks. Discover the best ways to stay safe, With clean body piercings.

Third World Employment Is Here

I knew the drill. I'd lived it for years.

Don't stop at intersections, including red lights and stop signs, if you don't have to. Just keep going. Stopping makes you vulnerable to "smash and grab" and hijacking.

Keep anything of value hidden away when you're on the street. Keep your cellphone on vibrate so it doesn't attract attention.

Try to keep a wall or fence close behind or beside you so you can't be surprised from behind. Scan your environment in 180-degree arcs in five-yard increments ahead of you.

Dress like a local. Don't make eye contact unless you must, and if you do, just nod without smiling. Above all, look like you belong there... or at least like you've been there before.

Sounds like a scene from one of those "JB" spy stories... Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer, James Bond. But it's just everyday life in many parts of my second home, South Africa, where I've been for the past month.

This is the way we may be living soon here in the U.S... for essentially the same reasons.

Coming to a Country Near You: Instability

People with no stake in a socioeconomic system eventually prey on that system. It's all they have. If the world considers you superfluous and you have no future in it, why not? Especially if the bigwigs in government and business do the same thing.

Over 45% of South African adults have no formal job or do temporary piecework when they can. Millions of people depend on this slender thread for their daily survival. To keep the pot from boiling over, the government has been forced to expand an expensive system of welfare payments. The costs of not doing so - in terms of crime, policing and fleeing investors - would be even higher.

Is this life coming to the U.S.? The signs sure point to it.

A new study by economists from Harvard and Princeton says that 94% of the 10 million jobs created after the great crash of 2008 were temporary contract positions or part-time "gig" jobs. They come without health care, retirement benefits, vacation time, sick leave or employer-paid Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Fewer than 1 in 5 of these jobs ever become permanent. Consequently, as the research by economists Lawrence Katz of Harvard and Alan Krueger at Princeton shows, the proportion of U.S. workers who were working in these kinds of temporary jobs increased from 10.7% of the population to 15.8% from mid-2010.

At the same time, the workforce participation rate has declined, meaning fewer people are working - with more depending on those who are, even temporarily, to survive.

Finally, the long-term unemployment rate, which includes people who are working irregularly or who have given up looking at all, has tripled since 1990.

Crucially, this trend is just as apparent in manufacturing, the very sector President-elect Trump touts as the salvation of the American worker. Over one-third of U.S. temps work on production lines, in warehouses and repairing machinery. Another 20% work in manufacturing management.

No Easy Answers

Capitalism tends to shoot itself in the foot on a regular basis... as it is doing today by simultaneously destabilizing the majority and massively enriching a tiny minority.

The great political economists of the 18th and 19th centuries, such as Adam Smith, were keenly aware of capitalism's contradictory nature. Above all, they realized things that are good for profit-seeking individuals in the short term - like staffing your company with expendable temps - aren't always good for society in the longer term... including those same profit-seeking individuals.

When almost all jobs created over an eight-year period lack the basic features required for a stable life, workers are effectively a disposable commodity, not citizens of a country. People who know they are considered expendable tend to behave very differently from those who are secure and stable, since they have a different stake in the game... i.e., none.

As the proportion of "expendables" grows, they begin to prey on the rest. That's what I've seen in South Africa and many other countries. Those are the sorts of societies where you live behind razorwire-topped walls, don't go out at night and feel nervous and watchful always. In a word: a Third World society.

Are you ready for that? You'd better be... unless something changes, and soon.

Ted Baumann joined The Sovereign Investor Daily in 2013. As an expat who lived in South Africa for 25 years, Ted specializes in asset protection and international migration. Read more of what he has to say about offshore living here.

Various Advantages of Toll-Free Numbers

Satisfying your customers is very important when you are running a company. The success of the company doesn't always depend on how much satisfied your customers, So you need to make sure that your customers get every facility they need and they get every chance to reach you. If you run a small business or you are a market giant, what you need to have is the correct view to your business and the correct and timely approach towards your customers. Do you have a toll-free number for your business? If you do not have, then go for one!

It is thus important to know how it can enhance your business!

You will be available for your customers day and night with the help of this number. If you are running a small company then you may not afford a telephone operator. But when you are a big guy, you can easily have an operator for your help! So through this facility you will be there for your clients 24*7. This will help you to enhance your business as well! So go for a number that can make you available for your customers.

Customers like serious business persons and those people who are available at the hour of need. Suppose someone needs you for a particular purpose and you are not available at that moment! You can lose the customer if the marketing sense of your rival is better than you. It allows you to stay in touch with your customer no matter where you are, no matter which time is this and no matter what you are doing! Your dedication will pay you at the end of the day.

Suppose you are going to leave your previous office space and you are going for a bigger place or shifting somewhere else. You can easily bring your toll-free number along with you. When you buy a number from an operator, the number is yours for the rest of your life! So you can easily take the number along with you wherever you go and your customer will not even know from where you are operating! You only need to divert the call to your present area or to your mobile and you are done!

Easy to remember:
It is true that we are losing the power of remembering numbers with the advent of mobile phones. We do not require remembering the number, so we do not do that even! But if you logically think, then the initial numbers of a toll-free number is fixed. So you need to remember the extensions only and it is quite easy to remember the extension numbers.

If there are so many features available that makes a toll-free number a must buy for the small concerns and the giant players too, then why don't you do it? Go for such a wonderful number and use that for the marketing of your company!

Body Piercing Places

Have you ever thought of going to one of those Body Piercing Places? Over the last twenty years, the popularity of body piercing has been renewed. A word of caution if your checking out Body Piercing Places and while their explaining how they perform body piercing, they tell you they will be using a piercing gun, You are not in a professional Body Piercing Place and you need to stay away from that shop because piercing guns can't be sterilized and your chances of developing an infection are statistically much greater.

Pierced ears or the most common, and usually the first piercing someone will get. However, trying to find the traditional one piercing per ear can be difficult. There are many other kinds of body piercing such as navel piercing, tongue piercing or the labret.

The labret is a piercing that is in the lower lip, but over the course of time, there have been many alterations to this form of piercing. The labret derives it's name from the type of jewelry worn, which is usually some kind of bead type jewelry. A couple of variations are the Vertical labret which is down through the top of the lip and out the bottom, The Lowbret is having the piercing done low on the chin, While the Medusa is placed in the upper lip between the center ridges.

When you start seriously considering Body Piercing Places, there are a couple things you want to keep in mind. Don't ever try to pierce yourself or even let a friend use one of the body piercing kits, your risk of infection is very high. The professional piercer puts their reputation on the line by doing body piercing and knows well the power of word of mouth advertising and will not risk their reputation with poor sanitary conditions.

If your unaccustomed with a Body Piercing Places watch how they interact with their customers and how they handle their equipment, the freshly sterilized tools should be kept in separate tray from the used and contaminated ones waiting to be sterilized. The use of contaminated piercing supplies has been known to cause HIV, Hepatitis are any number of serious infections.

While visiting different body piercing places look at their selection of jewelry. With a new piercing, you need to wear good quality jewelry applicable to the location of the piercing, body jewelry is intended to be worn in specific areas of the body for your comfort and ease. When you choose your jewelry pay close attention to the type of material it is made of particularly for new piercings.

Your new piercings will require some extra care in order to properly heal so if your on a budget, are just not sure which piece of body jewelry you really want, at least make sure to look for Implant grade stainless steel in your jewelry which is least likely to cause some kind of infection.

The Body Piercing Places you choose should make you feel comfortable and secure. For more information about body piercing subscribe to our rss feed at

Steven McCarthy has been studying piercing for many years, both the history as well as the practice of piercing in it's many forms. For original piercing idea's and advice on the sanitary practices, you need to take with your new piercing.

The Feds Are Inside Your Home

Even when traveling, I have an insatiable impulse to read. There are always a couple of hardcovers in my bag for transoceanic flights. On the ground, though, I read e-books on Amazon Kindle. Carrying physical copies of my typical two to three volumes per week is impractical at the best of times - more so when I'm living out of a suitcase in the African Bushveld.

Like my father, I favor history. Last week, I studied the transformation of the Roman Republic into imperial despotism and dynastic instability.

This week I'm covering the Crusades, that fascinating 12th to 13th century attempt to impose medieval European feudalism on what is now Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel.

There are many possible points of comparison. The one that jumps out at me is how often the powerful were brought low by betrayal within their own households. Roman emperors, Turkish atabegs and crusader counts regularly fell victim to assassins drawn from bodyguards, courts and even families.

At least those traitors knew what they were doing. These days, even insensible household objects can betray you...

Deadly Convenience

Mighty Amazon produces many useful things besides the Kindle software on my iPad. Amongst its big hits is Alexa, the virtual assistant built in to its Echo device. Alexa listens constantly, using an array of seven microphones, ready to hear and respond to all sorts of commands and queries, such as "What's the weather today?" or "Order some more paper towels."

Naturally, Alexa has become part of the current zeitgeist. For example, a recent episode of the brilliant hacker series Mr. Robot has a world-weary FBI agent asking Alexa philosophical bedtime questions and predictions. Alexa can only respond that "I'm working on that one, ask me a little later."

Alexa and similar Internet of Things (IoT) technologies may not be able to speculate on the mysteries of existence, but they can certainly remember everything input into them, intentionally or not.

A Nest thermostat, for example, records all automatic temperature changes and can be used to track your daily movements in fine detail as a result. Samsung's "smart" fridges monitor your food stocks as they rise, fall and change over time. Even lowly kettles can record your coffee habits.

An Arkansas man is about to cross a frightening new frontier in this rapidly evolving "smart" world... potentially taking you with him.

Good Alexa, Bad Alexa

Last week, news outlets reported that Amazon had been served with a search warrant in a murder case in Bentonville, Arkansas. Detectives want to know what Alexa heard in the early hours of November 22, 2015, when Victor Collins was found dead in a hot tub behind a home after a football game.

Alexa listens constantly, recording and transmitting conversations after a "wake word." It then transmits what it hears back to Amazon for language processing and storage, so it can improve its responses over time. Hence, the Bentonville murder unit's interest in bringing Alexa down to the station for a little chat.

The chances that Alexa woke and recorded a murder are quite small, of course. It would have to hear its "wake word" and remain in listening mode for quite a while. Amazon, to its credit, has refused to release the full transcript in this case, but it may be compelled to do so by the courts.

But Alexa isn't the main source of evidence... it's more useful to corroborate other data collected at suspect James Bates' house.

Bates had numerous IoT devices in his smart home. He had motion sensors for the lights, a Nest thermometer and a WeMo for his garage door. Crucially, he also had a smart water meter. Police have allegedly found that an unusual amount of water was used in the house late that night, perhaps to clean the victim's blood from the crime scene.

Testimony by Bates' smart home could well provide enough circumstantial evidence to send him to prison.

If I Should Die, Do This for Me: Delete My Browser History

In my last few days here in Cape Town, I'm staying with a dear old friend who's a bit of a card. He plays harmonica for living (seriously) and habitually wears a kilt, a leather jacket and a battered cowboy hat everywhere. He's also a brilliant quick wit, spouting the heading above within seconds of learning my topic today.

It's great wisdom. Don't do illegal things, of course... but just as importantly, pay attention to what's happening to the information gathered by the smart gadgets around you. Educate yourself about your options in this regard, and make choices that limit your risk. If a given device doesn't allow that, it's not worth it.

After all, in our outrageously overregulated society, we all commit approximately three federal felonies every day without knowing it. Your smart house probably will... and when the cops come asking, it'll tell them everything it knows.

Ted joined The Sovereign Investor Daily in 2013. As an expat who lived in South Africa for 25 years, Ted specializes in asset protection and international migration. Read more of what he has to say about offshore living here.

Piercing, Decorative and Protective Tools in Leatherwork

Leatherwork tools are relevant to the production of the item and largely influence its forming as well as final outlook. Therefore, a leatherwork artist must know the distinctive and usage of each of these tools especially the controversial ones such as the piercing, decorative, and protective devices.

1. Piercing Tools-
These tools are used for creating holes in leather articles before stitching or thonging. Examples of thonging tools are:

Thonging Chisel: It is used for making slits for thonging.

Snap Setter: This tool is used in punching to prevent rivet caps from getting damaged.

Thonging Punch: This tool is used for creating several holes at a time before stitching. It is also used for making and spacing slits.

Drive Punch: It is used in punching round single holes in leather.

Revolving/Rotary Punch: This is a six-way punch that rotates or revolves. Its revolving wheel is fitted with six nipples. It is used for creating holes for fixing eyelets, press-studs etc. in leather articles.

Eyelet Pliers/Setter: This tool is used for the setting and fixing of eyelets in leather articles.

Cobbler's Hammer: This hammer is used in driving nails and punches into leather items to create holes for sewing and thonging.

Awl: This tool is used for piercing holes in leather before stitching.

Mallet: It is used for driving punches into leather articles to create holes for stitching.

Pliers: It is used for steadily holding nails and pins while hammering.

Fid: This is a slim metal rod with a pointed edge fitted into wooden / plastic / rubber / fiberglass etc. inserted in a handle with a metal band to strengthen it at where the metal is fitted into the handle. It must be stored with the sharp metal point pushed into a thick rubber, wax, or soap. It must be sharpened on a whetstone, sand paper or oil stone.

Lacing Nippers: This is a handy tool that looks like pliers but is used for punching slits at areas of a leather article that cannot lie flat.

Overstitch Wheels: These tools are used to mark spacing holes especially in saddle stitching.

2. Decorative Tools-
This category of leather tools helps in improving the general appearance, hand, and attractiveness of leather articles. Examples of decorative tools used in leatherwork include:

File: This tool is used for smoothening the edges of freshly cut leather pieces by sanding.

Texturing Nail: This is a special nail with various textures or patterns on its head. It is used for stamping decorative patterns on leather articles as a form of decoration.

Modelling Tool: This tool is used for creating designs on the surfaces of leather articles.

Press stud Tool: It is used for fixing press stud fasteners.

Dresden Tool: This tool is used for creating fine modeling on leather.

Ball Tool and Flat Modeller: The ball tool is used when a high relief is required and is usually used from the underside of the leather.

Stamping tool: It is like the texturing nail. It is used for creating relief patterns on the surfaces of leather articles.

Sanding Machine: This is an electronic sanding device with sandpaper glued to it. It is used for sanding and smoothening the fleshy parts of leather.

Stippler: This device holds templates in position while they are being traced onto the leather surface.

Computer: This is a modern technological device that is used in creating varieties of designs as well as in choosing harmonious colour schemes for products in leatherwork.

Burnisher: This is an all-purpose tool used for burnishing the edge of leather as well as holes and slots.

Bone folder: This is a smooth flat but slightly rounded tool made of bone. It can also be made of aluminum metal, bamboo, rattan, wood, toughened plastic. It is used for making lines and pressing down folded edges of leather. It is also used for burnishing leather and for creating folds, pleats etc. on leather.

3. Protective Tools-
These tools ensure the protection of the individual as well as the tools and devices for leatherwork. Examples of protective tools are:

Nose Mask: It is worn on the nose to prevent the leather craftsman from inhaling toxic chemicals and dyes that are harmful to one's health.

Apron: This is worn on the body of the leather artist to prevent him from soiling or staining himself and his apparels from liquors and other colouring mediums.

Wellington Boots: These are special boots worn to protect the feet of workers in the leatherwork industries where small pins and metals could cause injury.

Hand Gloves: These are worn to protect the hands from harmful chemicals and other dangerous solvents.

Oil stone: This is a stone with oil on it used for sharpening the blades and edges of other tools in leatherwork.

Tool Box: It is a special box in which leather tools are kept for safekeeping.

If you want interesting information on visual art education, history of art click the link below:

High-End Belly Button Rings

If you have your navel pierced, you probably spend a fair bit of time shopping for new jewelry. If you're like most people, you gravitate towards the cheaper belly button rings simply because it doesn't always make sense to spend a lot of money on something so small. However, I challenge you to consider these pieces to be more like regular jewelry, and as such, look into some high-end pieces.

If you haven't actually gotten your piercing yet, you might consider purchasing a surgical steel piece as the ring you wear while your piercing heals. Implant grade steel is preferred, but most experts agree that 316-L surgical grade stainless steel is appropriate for a new piercing. Stainless steel is appreciated because it is hypoallergenic and therefore won't react with the tissues of the body to cause an allergic reaction. Choose the piece carefully as you will wear it for many months while your navel heals.

After the appropriate amount of healing time, you will be able to change out the stainless piece for something more decorative. This is the time when you might consider some of the high-end belly button rings on the market. Some metals to consider include titanium and gold. While these belly button rings are certainly more expensive than the ones you can buy at a jewelry store in the mall, you will find that they will last for years and years. There is also very little risk of allergic reaction from these metals.

If you can't afford titanium or gold, it's worth it to try and save up some money until you can afford a nicer piece. In the meantime, you might choose to leave your stainless steel piece in place since it will reduce the incidence of infection. When you can afford to buy the belly button rings that you have been saving for, you will find that your wait was worth it.

Julie enjoys sharing health and beauty tips. A great resource for flat irons, curling irons and hair styling tools of all kinds is My Hair Styling Tools.

Don't Look Now But You Have Been Hacked!

Most every home and business office now has a firewall that separates your internal computer network from the wild west of the world wide internet. The good news is that firewalls have become increasingly more sophisticated and properly configured can do an excellent job in securing your internal computer network devices. Modern firewalls now include intrusion detection and prevention, email spam filtering, website blocking and most are able to generate reports on who did what and when. They not only block evil doers from outside your network, but they police the users on the inside from accessing inappropriate resources on the outside internet. Employees can be blocked from visiting sites that can rob your business of valuable productivity time or violate some security compliance requirement. Prime business hours is really not the time to update your Facebook page! Nor do we want our medical and financial service folks using an instant messaging service to chat with and outsider!

The Firewall is the electronic equivalent of the "front door" to your computer network and there is an endless parade of potential evil doers spray painting your doors and windows, relentlessly looking for a way in. A properly configured, managed, and regularly updated Firewall can be very effective in protecting your computer network, both in the office and at home. Behind the firewall, must desktop computers and office servers have local software based firewalls installed that also provide virus protection. Hopefully if something does get past the firewall, the internal virus and desktop firewall solutions will provide an additional level of security.

Firewalls are both reasonable and appropriate but here is the bad news. Most of the hacking you now hear and read about is not done by evil doers coming through your firewall! The real damage is done by those inside your network! Malicious users and dishonest employees will always a treat. There is always the treat of the unscrupulous employee swiping credit card data or passing security information for money. The real danger, however, is from users who are just ignorant of today highly sophisticated security vulnerabilities. The most honest employee can unwittingly become the source of a major security breach resulting in the loss of their own personnel data, or the personal and financial data of your customers.

Take your average laptop user as a perfect example. How many times have you gone down to Starbucks and setup shop? Beautiful day, open air, sun and a high speed internet connection, wireless phone and it is business as usual! If I told you how easy it is to setup a "man in the middle" attack at Starbucks you would give up coffee for the rest of your life. You think you are on the Starbucks WiFi, but actually that kid in the back of the Starbucks with the Wireless Access Point attached to his USB connector, has spoofed you into thinking he is your door to the Internet. He has been monitoring every key stroke on you laptop since you logged in. In fact he now has your log in, password and most everything else on your computer. Now when you head back to the office and plug in, you just unleashed a bot on the company network and he will be back later tonight!

If laptops were not enough, everybody is now walking around with a Smartphone! Did you know that your Smartphone keeps a list of all the WiFi networks you have used recently? Remember when you were down at Starbucks checking your email while waiting for that cup of coffee? Now everywhere you go your phone is sending out a beacon request that sounds like "Starbucks WiFi are you there?" hoping it will get a response and auto connect you to the internet. Remember that kid we were just talking about? He decided to answer your beacon request with a "yeah here I am, hop on!" Just another "MITM" attack and what he can do to your Smartphone, especially those Androids makes your laptop look like Fort Knocks!

Sometimes for fun and entertainment, while sitting at a gate in an airport waiting room, I will net scan the WiFi to identify how many phones, computers and iPads are online and connected. Not saying that I would do this, but I think you could execute a Netbios attack in less the five minutes? It is amazing how many people leave their printer a network sharing options on when they travel. Even more people leave their "Network Neighborhood" settings in the default configuration! The drill is always the same: map the network to see what hosts are connected; port scan for known vulnerabilities; out the exploit tool kit and the rest is actually getting relatively boring for the ethical hacker. Now credit card thieves on the other hand...

Chances are your Internet browser is worst enemy when it comes to securing your privacy. Every website you visit, every email you send and every link you follow is being tracked by hundreds of companies. Don't believe me? If you are using Firefox, install an add in extension named DoNotTrackme and study what happens. Assuming you are an average internet surfer, in less that 72 hours you will have a list of over 100 companies that have been tracking your every move on the internet! These companies don't work for the NSA, but they do sell your "digital profile" to those willing to pay for the information. Where has your GPS been? What sites did you visit, what movies did you watch, what products did you buy, what search terms did you select - all of this dutifully reported back by you and your unsuspecting employees. Ever wonder if your competitors want to know what your viewing on line?

Voice Over IP phone systems offer an entirely new range of vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited by the unscrupulous evil doer! We recently illustrated to a client Law Firm (as a paid intrusion detection and penetration testing consultant and with the clients permission) just how easy it is to covertly switch on a conference room based speakerphone and broadcast the entire conference to a remote observer over the internet! In fact, capturing voice packets for replay is the first trick script kiddies learn in hacking school!

VoIP, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, RFid, file and print sharing and even the "cloud" all add up to a list of vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited. What can you do? You need to educate yourself and develop your own "best practice" for safe computing. You need to educate your employees and co-workers about the various vulnerabilities we all face every day as we become more "wired" and more Mobile. Hire a competent Computer Network Security professional to do "penetration testing" on your corporate network and firewall. It would be better to pay a professional to "hack" you, then pay to fix it after you have been hacked! Remember if we can touch your network, we will own your network!

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