Floating Singapore Scotts Tower

Singapore Scotts Tower is one of the scariest and at the same time good looking buildings in the world that will be built in Singapore in the near future. It was designed by OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture - and its numbers are pretty notable:

153 meter tall
68 apartments
20,000m² of built floor area
36-storey residential high-rise

Besides the numbers it is the design that will certainly amaze a lot of people, it gives the sensation that each of the 4 towers are floating on the air, while in the end they are just “connected” to one main central core. Can you imagine the panoramic views that apartment owners will enjoy?

Ole Scheeren, who is participating in the project and is a partner of OMA, comments:
The design vertically redistributes the floor area in four alternating towers to create a skyscraper in which architectural and urbanistic concerns merge with mechanisms that create added value. The architecture, in this sense, goes beyond form and generates symbiotic qualities.

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