Belly Button Rings Are Just One Way To Show Off Your Body

If you have a good body, don't be afraid to flaunt it! Here are some tips to use jewelry such as belly button rings to highlight your best areas.

Most of us have a combination of good and bad features. Some features we want people to notice and some we would prefer not. It is easy to find a ton of fashion tips on how to use clothing to hide extra weight or emphasize your long legs. Here are some tips to use jewelry in a similar fashion.

If you are blessed with (or have worked hard to get) flat abs, then belly button rings or waist chain is the perfect accessory to highlight this area of your body. If you are someone that lives in a bikini during the summer and you enjoy being out in the sun, then it can become part of your every day attire. There is no better way to show off your belly button rings than by wearing a bikini.

I have my father's ears and nose. They are two places I prefer not to draw people's attention. I will never get a nose ring. I do have pierced ears but I won't be putting jewels all the way up my very long ears. It is personal preference but I think these two areas are best pierced when you have a petite (or cute) nose and ears. As always, it is what you are most comfortable with and what you want people to notice about you first.

If you have beautiful feet, you will want to start with shoes that show them off. Adding an ankle bracelet or toe ring can only enhance the look and cause people to notice your feet even more. Again, my size 10 feet should maybe keep me from sporting this type of jewelry but I have been known to wear them from time to time.

If you have lovely hands and small wrists, then rings and bracelets are your friend. In particular, if you have toned upper arms (most women don't), this is an area to be proud of and show off with a bracelet.

From belly button rings to upper arm bracelets, think about how you can highlight your best features with jewelry.

Why Studying Geography Is Important

Geography is an often misunderstood subject, it focuses on developing skills beyond just knowing where individual countries and regions are, in fact Geography is the study of Earth, and our relationship to it.

This can lead to understanding more about our relationship with the environment, and the causes and effects of this relationship. We can discover how we can solve many of the ongoing problems we face today, like stabilizing both negative or high population growth, to creating more people- friendly and sustainable environments.

Building an understanding of the World around us, can help us create a better World, that can overcome the current issues we face today like Global warming, whilst help us understand how to bridge cultural and national misconceptions which can often lead to conflict. Students who study Geography can develop a better understanding on how our natural world works.

The future employment opportunities linked to this knowledge are immense, people can work in development work especially relating to the environment, or become enter the World of Science doing Geographical research on phenomena like Volcanic activity, Tsunami's, and how we can discover and use the natural resources around us more efficiently without harming our natural environment.

According to data provided by the United Nations, the changes in weather patterns and the increase in populations in many areas of our World, are leading to a probable water crisis. The knowledge of how to manage our water resources are an important part of studying Geography, and helps teams of professionals who can access and implement solutions to our worsening water crisis.

Food security, and the ways we can nurture and work with Mother Nature to ensure future generations in our communities can have a more diverse and sustainable food supply, is another component of studying Geography, which helps produce more experts, who are needed in a World where many places still depend on outside sources of food.

Understanding the causes behind conflicts between countries is one part of Geography, because its often based on the lack of or the poor management of resources. Poor resource management, can affect many regions in the World, creating bad harvests, leading to hunger and sometimes even conflict between countries for the vital resources needed to sustain their populations.

Conflict resolution is a far better option than allowing countries to fall into protracted, and destructive wars over the resources needed to sustain their own population. This is one problem, where people knowledgeable about both human & physical Geography could help to stop.

A student today who gains a good knowledge of Geography, could tomorrow become an expert on renewable energies, city and town planning, resource management and sustainable agriculture. Given the immense problems many communities face today, these are skills needed for the future.

Understanding where countries and regions are is important, but Geography is about caring and working with our World, despite the differences every community has with its physical Geography, and cultural perceptions of the outside World. So if you really want to make a difference, or build a future career, studying Geography is a step towards this direction.

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Is Your Grocery Budget Out of Control?

If we think in terms of eating healthy, not filling- up with junk food, then perhaps grocery costs are out of control. A couple with kids could go bankrupt feeding their children, especially if teenagers. We can serve them the biggest protein packed meal, and an hour or two later their starving. The cheapest items people bought in the past have become unreasonably expensive. How can we still eat right keeping within a budget?

My first suggestion is head to the nearest dollar store for many of your everyday items. I purchase a lot of my miscellaneous items there like baggies, foil wrap, laundry detergent, canned goods, cookies, shampoo, razors, and so much more. Maybe not everything is brand name, but saving around $200-$240/month makes a huge difference. Those saving can be converted into milk, lunches for kids, more meat, and some treats that currently puts our budgets totally out of whack.

I like the concept of meal plans purchasing what we will eat weekly reducing what I call fridge wastage. Part of this is my thought process in stretching meals saving money. As an example instead of purchasing chicken breasts I'll buy thighs much more economically. The greatest starter filling the belly is chicken soup incorporating lentils, carrots, celery, and served on egg noodles. Next on the menu homemade coleslaw lettuce too costly, served with dollar store dinner rolls. Then taking the thighs from the soup putting some barbeque sauce on, broil having a tasty crispy main. Sides could be potatoes, frozen peas, and baked apples for desert. The most frugal versatile protein is ground beef, meatballs, spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, chilli so many dishes. The trick is buying it in bulk keeping it economical.

Grocery saving flyers are great, but just because something is on special be sure you'll eat it. I buy specials that are within one to five dollars, but make sure it will be eaten. In the summer picking berries freezing them or making jams. As well growing vegetables in a garden also freezing them for winter when pricing goes through the roof.

As sidebar I believe technology is cutting into many aspects of our budgets including food. If we look at our monthly service provider bills, how much are we spending to get more data, multiple cellphones, and variety of other costly features? I bet if we cut back on a few of those, we would have more for groceries and eat better.

My perspective is that our dollar has no value anymore, inflation has become unreasonable, and buying just the basics including taxes is a burden on most working poor people. Regardless we all still need to live, eating is not a luxury but a necessity. Therefore to keep our grocery budget in control we need to shop smart, reduce our wastage, stretch our healthy meals, and working people should be able to eat steak monthly without hardship. Hopefully my tips above will help others to achieve those important goals. Eat well and prosper!
By Arnold Nadler

Thank God for Fishing!

I was born a city boy moved more to a rural setting almost 2 decades ago. The idea of fishing to me was for those who drove pick-up trucks, wore baseball caps, and carried a coolers of beer with them. OK that is probably true, but around 8 years ago my son wanted to learn to fish, so minus the beer and pick-up truck we took-up this sport. What we did first was hit the internet finding everything out, here is what we discovered as novice anglers.

Apparently there is an incredible amount of rods, reels, lures, and fishing lines one can use, so we needed to study what was the best for catching our local fish like bass, pike, perch, and walleye. Then we started watching fishing shows as visual tool in our quest to become proficient fishermen. Once feeling more confident and knowledgeable we headed to a specialty store picking-up the best supplies money could buy, and a fishing license. We organized our tackle box, had a pair of pliers to remove the fish, because who in their right mind would want to touch these slippery, smelly, scaly, prickly creatures. We found a spot put a worm on the hook casting out poorly for a while until we got it. Finally after an hour caught our first fish, a two-inch minnow, we were so proud of actually snagging one. It was great time for my son and me to bond together, we talked, joked, and never found ourselves disappointed or bored. The idea was we were hanging-out enjoying each other's company.

Over a period of years we found the best on land fishing holes in our area, started catching some nice size fish, and finally took the plunge learning how to remove them without damaging ourselves. There is nothing like the feeling of a bite on the line working reeling in the fish without losing it. Afterwards taking it off the hook holding it for a few minutes, admiring the sheer size of these beautiful wild creatures. In all these years we've always caught and released sending them back home to their world.

This sport is something that is exciting, relaxing, and a stress reliever enjoying just the challenge of catching the big one. Even now when my son is away for the summers, I go myself feeling at peace just being out there. Maybe one day I'll buy a boat and pick-up truck to. Who ever said you can't put the country into a city boy! Thank God for fishing it has given me some very fond memories!

Are Cute Belly Rings Worth Getting Your Navel Pierced?

Piercings beyond the usual ear ring or two can be a real fashion statement but there is such a thing as paying too high a price for fashion. My dislike of needles has caused me to steer clear of any fashion trend that requires a poke, from tattoos to body piercings. Even if you don't have my phobia, it is still a wise idea to consider the pros and cons of any body piercing. Belly rings and nose rings are fun and fashionable but are they worth the things that can go wrong?

First, read up on the procedure and risks. You'll find that your navel is one of the most delicate areas to get pierced. It is prone to infection. And it takes a relatively long time to heal -- from six months to a year. During that time, you need to be very careful to keep it clean and sterile. Avoid tight waist bands or anything that will irritate or rub the area. It is better to avoid swimming or other public water like spas unless you cover it thoroughly with a waterproof bandage. And you can't change your jewelry until it is completely healed.

You also need to be very careful to have the procedure done by a professional. Make sure you feel comfortable that the person you choose is clean and capable. There are risks of infection in the area that is pierced as well as infections spreading to other areas of your body. Read and follow the aftercare instructions religiously. And it doesn't hurt to get a tetanus shot before you proceed.

After it is completely healed, you will be able to enjoy your enhanced mid-section and show off a variety of belly rings. If you have the patience to wait for healing and are willing to take care of your piercing, this can be a fun way to accessorize your summer clothing and can indeed be a fashion statement with endless possibilities.

By Julie S. Montgomery

Who Is Making Our Roads Unsafe?

Much of my time is spent driving on highways for work, and I'm shocked to see how careless drivers have become. Where I live it is like the left hand lane is the autobahn in Germany, not the passing lane which it is meant to be. Not many drivers including myself actually go the speed limit, but if the sign reads 60 miles per hour, going 70 miles per hour is acceptable to the police. However, watching people zoom by me regularly in all-weather going 90-100 miles per hour is deplorable. The situation is if you need to switch lanes because a driver has his/her hazards on at the side, there is always someone coming-up like a rocket. When you switch they now tailgate expecting you to move faster, even though your going the 70 miles an hour. Who are the real culprits making our road unsafe... ?

The answer in all fairness is all of us, but I've noticed a few that make it that much more. Maybe this will not make me popular, it's not sexist but the truth. Ladies seem to be very impatient driving, and being on the road so much the ratio is 1-3 women speeding by me over men. I find them to be very aggressive drivers cutting people off, no consideration for others on the road, even with kids in their back seats. I get it fast busy stressful lives, but ladies really!!

Next are people from other countries, I don't blame them they have been taught to drive somewhere else, different rules of conduct when driving. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea making drivers education mandatory for those who immigrate here. Learning our rules of road, and not driving like they're still in their countries.

There are many amazing truck drivers out there who follow the rules, are considerate, and maintain the speed limit of 60 miles per hour. According to what I've heard where we live, they also have governors in the trucks not allowing them to go over the speed limit. However, what I don't get is those who seem to be able to speed. These folks do it in the worst weather passing fast blinding other drivers in the right lanes this is not safe for anyone driving. Also passing a truck a head of them doing 60 miles an hour at what seems 65 miles an hour makes no sense to me as well.

We all know that a vehicle is a weapon that can kill people, why are we playing the odds with ours and other people's lives. Perhaps if we leave earlier we wouldn't be in such a rush all the time, if more police were on the highways I guarantee speeds would be reduced, or simply being a responsible citizen following the laws of the road. I just think there are too many senseless deaths on the roads today that could have been avoided driving more careful. I know the insurance companies focus on men 18 to 25 who have the most accidents. That doesn't mean a huge percentage of population isn't driving as reckless, just lucky not getting injured or killed as much statistically.

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