Belly Button Rings Are Just One Way To Show Off Your Body

If you have a good body, don't be afraid to flaunt it! Here are some tips to use jewelry such as belly button rings to highlight your best areas.

Most of us have a combination of good and bad features. Some features we want people to notice and some we would prefer not. It is easy to find a ton of fashion tips on how to use clothing to hide extra weight or emphasize your long legs. Here are some tips to use jewelry in a similar fashion.

If you are blessed with (or have worked hard to get) flat abs, then belly button rings or waist chain is the perfect accessory to highlight this area of your body. If you are someone that lives in a bikini during the summer and you enjoy being out in the sun, then it can become part of your every day attire. There is no better way to show off your belly button rings than by wearing a bikini.

I have my father's ears and nose. They are two places I prefer not to draw people's attention. I will never get a nose ring. I do have pierced ears but I won't be putting jewels all the way up my very long ears. It is personal preference but I think these two areas are best pierced when you have a petite (or cute) nose and ears. As always, it is what you are most comfortable with and what you want people to notice about you first.

If you have beautiful feet, you will want to start with shoes that show them off. Adding an ankle bracelet or toe ring can only enhance the look and cause people to notice your feet even more. Again, my size 10 feet should maybe keep me from sporting this type of jewelry but I have been known to wear them from time to time.

If you have lovely hands and small wrists, then rings and bracelets are your friend. In particular, if you have toned upper arms (most women don't), this is an area to be proud of and show off with a bracelet.

From belly button rings to upper arm bracelets, think about how you can highlight your best features with jewelry.

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