Thank God for Fishing!

I was born a city boy moved more to a rural setting almost 2 decades ago. The idea of fishing to me was for those who drove pick-up trucks, wore baseball caps, and carried a coolers of beer with them. OK that is probably true, but around 8 years ago my son wanted to learn to fish, so minus the beer and pick-up truck we took-up this sport. What we did first was hit the internet finding everything out, here is what we discovered as novice anglers.

Apparently there is an incredible amount of rods, reels, lures, and fishing lines one can use, so we needed to study what was the best for catching our local fish like bass, pike, perch, and walleye. Then we started watching fishing shows as visual tool in our quest to become proficient fishermen. Once feeling more confident and knowledgeable we headed to a specialty store picking-up the best supplies money could buy, and a fishing license. We organized our tackle box, had a pair of pliers to remove the fish, because who in their right mind would want to touch these slippery, smelly, scaly, prickly creatures. We found a spot put a worm on the hook casting out poorly for a while until we got it. Finally after an hour caught our first fish, a two-inch minnow, we were so proud of actually snagging one. It was great time for my son and me to bond together, we talked, joked, and never found ourselves disappointed or bored. The idea was we were hanging-out enjoying each other's company.

Over a period of years we found the best on land fishing holes in our area, started catching some nice size fish, and finally took the plunge learning how to remove them without damaging ourselves. There is nothing like the feeling of a bite on the line working reeling in the fish without losing it. Afterwards taking it off the hook holding it for a few minutes, admiring the sheer size of these beautiful wild creatures. In all these years we've always caught and released sending them back home to their world.

This sport is something that is exciting, relaxing, and a stress reliever enjoying just the challenge of catching the big one. Even now when my son is away for the summers, I go myself feeling at peace just being out there. Maybe one day I'll buy a boat and pick-up truck to. Who ever said you can't put the country into a city boy! Thank God for fishing it has given me some very fond memories!

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