Are Cute Belly Rings Worth Getting Your Navel Pierced?

Piercings beyond the usual ear ring or two can be a real fashion statement but there is such a thing as paying too high a price for fashion. My dislike of needles has caused me to steer clear of any fashion trend that requires a poke, from tattoos to body piercings. Even if you don't have my phobia, it is still a wise idea to consider the pros and cons of any body piercing. Belly rings and nose rings are fun and fashionable but are they worth the things that can go wrong?

First, read up on the procedure and risks. You'll find that your navel is one of the most delicate areas to get pierced. It is prone to infection. And it takes a relatively long time to heal -- from six months to a year. During that time, you need to be very careful to keep it clean and sterile. Avoid tight waist bands or anything that will irritate or rub the area. It is better to avoid swimming or other public water like spas unless you cover it thoroughly with a waterproof bandage. And you can't change your jewelry until it is completely healed.

You also need to be very careful to have the procedure done by a professional. Make sure you feel comfortable that the person you choose is clean and capable. There are risks of infection in the area that is pierced as well as infections spreading to other areas of your body. Read and follow the aftercare instructions religiously. And it doesn't hurt to get a tetanus shot before you proceed.

After it is completely healed, you will be able to enjoy your enhanced mid-section and show off a variety of belly rings. If you have the patience to wait for healing and are willing to take care of your piercing, this can be a fun way to accessorize your summer clothing and can indeed be a fashion statement with endless possibilities.

By Julie S. Montgomery

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