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Yoga blog - simple keys to harmonious and successful living, health tips and advice, as well as the inspiring philosophy of life and ancient wisdom...

For instance: Relieving Cold & Flu
As hard as you try, you can't always keep the colds and flus of winter from stuffing up your head and slowing down your body. Before you know it, you're wondering if you should attempt your regular yoga practice or give up and go to bed. Here's what I suggest....
Organig Clothes
The next time you throw on your favorite T-shirt, consider this: Approximately one-third of a pound, or 17 teaspoons, of chemicals—many of them known carcinogens—were used to grow the cotton to produce it. Fortunately, designers are now making clothes from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, hemp, and soy, so you can wear your environmental beliefs on your sleeve.
Kundalini Yoga In Brief, What Does Namaste Mean?, Why Do You Practice?. Here I've got common answers and sometimes fresh decisions, solutions, hints to solve daily problems.

It provides information suits not only advanced yoga practitioners, but also beginners and even children. 9 Things You Should Know About Yoga for Children, Asanas- Specific Benefits of Each Type, Life Without Sex or the Practice of Brahmacharya, Don't Know How to Start? etc. A consistent yoga practice will increase your sense of balance, but it also increases your awareness of imbalances in your body, mind, and lifestyle. Try to understand this essential and holistic lifestyle...

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