Sunday Afternoon

I certainly couldn't hope for better weather for a February visit to Washington. Both weekend days have been gloriously sunny, temperatures around 50, and all of DC running outside to play.

Last night began with a fun party to celebrate Maslenitsa, aka Butter Week, courtesy of the fabulous host Veronica. After having my fill of blini, salmon, vodka, champagne and King Cake (it was multicultural so the Butter Goddess had to share the table with Mardi Gras colors) I went off to Blowoff. Bob and Rich continue to host what is, I think, the most fun it is possible to have in a club. When I arrived it was so packed I thought my head would explode, but before too long the crowd thinned out a bit and it was just fun: great music, lots of friendly guys, and I finally got to meet Copperred (Carl) and Clickboo face to face.

Today has been a lazy day, some brunch, some strolling, and then helping Andy buy a new iMac. We might not see him for days. If the crowds at the Clarendon Apple Store are any indication, these are good days for Apple.

Nap time.

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