How Airlines Reach Out to Serve You

In a world where people are more mobile than in any previous generation, travelers have come to expect many little, and not so little, extras from the airlines. From a young mother keeping her attention focused on small children, to a business person experiencing their own particular pressures, the challenge of time spent traveling can be daunting.

Even ten years ago the actual time in the air was small compared to the challenge of traveling to the airport, and once there finding a parking spot and getting from the car to the check-in-counter. Long lines were not uncommon and there was nothing to do but stand there. Layovers in other airports could be frustrating, wasted hours. While an actual flight might be three hours, the time in the air wasn't conducive to productivity.

The airline's desire to provide real service is reflected in their adding many benefits for business flayers - benefits that take place long before the plane takes off. The flayer can often request an airline to provide chauffeur service from his/her home or office to the airport. For those who drive their own car, the airlines will often park your car for you and then retrieve it when you ask. Expedited check-ins have eliminated much frustration, allowing the traveler to check in at curb-site, or at special check-in lines inside.

Accomplishing work and also having fun are now part of the actual flight process. One of the great amenities that some airlines are now providing is the use of a power port. Looking like a cigarette lighter plug-in, it allows travelers to recharge their laptops and cell phones. The problem of long flights and dead batteries is now resolved. Families are also benefiting from the power port, as DVD players, CD players, electronic and video games become part of the flying adventure.

Over the years the airlines offered movies to the travelers to lessen the boredom of a long ride. However, viewers had the option of either watching the movie or not watching it. Variety was not an option. Now the traveler's can bring their own portable CD or DVD player, along with their personal choice of entertainment. The mobile technology of today has opened many options for a traveler who used to be weary.

For those who don't want to lug their own equipment around with them, flights on many airlines have the option of individual screens with a catalog of choices where you can select a movie - or even a video game. And, many provide you with the opportunity to even check your e-mail. Home and office travel right along with you.

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