Little House

I used to tell people that I lived in the smallest house in the Washington area, but I was wrong. Compared to this place in Old Town Alexandria, I had a palace - though it was not quite twice the square footage of this one.

(I once made the "smallest house" claim in the presence of a coworker who lived in Old Town, and he said, "No, I do!" It turned out that he was wrong; while his house was the same dimensions as mine, he has a half basement which made his a bit larger.)

Unlike the house in this article, mine was not built on a strange lot out of spite; in fact, it sits in row with three identical houses, and there are similar houses sprinkled around Logan Circle. When I would look at them up close, they usually had some feature that made them a little larger than mine - but not always. So while mine was not the smallest, but just tied for that honor, I never did see a house that was definitely smaller than mine.

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