Home Solutions to Clean an Inkjet Coder Printer Head

We all are familiar with those ungainly streaks and blotches that tend to ruin our print-outs and drain precious printing fluids. A clogged or dried-up printer head is to be blamed for all your plights. The 'cleaner' software in your inkjet coder helps solve this problem to some extent. However, do not worry if it fails to clear the blockage. There are always some hacks in life so try a few easy methods to physically clean your printer and resume ink-flow.

However, before we get into the cleaning procedure, here are the causes of clogging that you must know.

When you leave your inkjet coder unused for a considerably long time, the ink dries up inside the print head's nozzles, and the hardened mass of dyes and pigments block the extremely narrow ink passageways. This disrupts the ink-flow, causing changes in drop trajectory, ultimately leading to its complete failure.

Steps to Clear Blockage:

• Inkjet coders comprise of removable print heads. In order to eliminate the blockage, first you will have to manually take out the print head from the ink cartridges. Keep the cartridges inside a sealable plastic bag for the entire span of the cleaning procedure. Make sure to keep them in an upright position.

• Now you will have to soak the printer head in a solution of ammonia and distilled water. The solution should have a lukewarm temperature. Take a shallow pan and place a couple of paper towels at its bottom. The padding will prevent the parts from getting damaged. Make sure that there is at least half an inch of liquid at the bottom of the pan. Soak them for at least three to four hours.

• After you place the printer head into the solution, you will see some of the dried ink coming out. To ensure that all of its parts get completely immersed into the solution, move the print head in different directions. Give it a gentle shake, too. All these will help clear the ink blockages.

• Alternately you can rinse the unit thoroughly under running water. This will help clear the ink build-up. Use warm water for better results.

• Now, consult the 'Printer Head Alignment' section in the manual to complete the insertion.

• Run the usual cleaning cycle before you start using it once again.

Next time, when the inkjet coder print head gets clogged, resolve the problem on your own at minimum cost. As a preventive measure, regularly print a page or two at least once a week to keep the print heads clear.

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