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Andrew Sullivan is off on some kind of extended vacation (apparently, once his readers gave him money, this did not make he feel like he ought to write something) and has left his blog in the care of a group of bloggers who make up in quantity of postings what they lack in thoughtfulness. It's no secret that I have my issues with just about everything about Sullivan (his politics, his dishonesty, his general petulance and shininess) but reading his guest bloggers makes me appreciate him a bit. At the moment his blog is looking as though a bunch of kids broke into his home, took his computer, and have been running wild. Perhaps it should be renamed "Home Alone?"

One of the things that has always distressed me about Sullivan's blog is that his previous writing has demonstrated that he is capable of structured thinking, but it's absent on the blog. However, the steam of consciousness posting that the substitute blog urchins are putting there makes Sullivan's usual blogging look downright organized.

However, these boys have studied at the knee of the master. In a post complaining about the liberal bias of a list of top movies of the year in the New York Times, once thing is strikingly absent: the list of notable movies expressing conservative social values that were overlooked.

The only thing missing is getting a dig at Paul Krugman into the post. They've got the bleat mastered, I'm sure more such will follow.

Oh, and memo to Andrew & the Sullivanettes, is it really that hard to provide permanent links for individual posts, rather than lumping a bunch of unrelated things together? If a 13 year old in Ohio blogging about Britney Spears can master the technology, why can't you?

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