Courtesy of John at Onanism Today, a handy guide the the government that helps you keep track of which members of Congress and the Cabinet are actually reptilian, as well as which are aliens or controlled by aliens. For those times when you can't remember whether Hillary Clinton is an alien and Kay Bailey Hutchison is supported by aliens, or if it's the other way around, this is the site to turn to. And let's be honest - John McCain's classification as "alien hybrid" explains a lot, doesn't it?

Speaking of Senator Kay "Democracy - it's not for everyone" Bailey Hutchison, has she no staff to answer constituent correspondence? I dutifully wrote to her (along with John Cornyn and Sheila Jackson-Lee) with my thoughts on social security privatization, and haven't gotten even the "thanks for your input, you America-hating pseudo-Texan" response I was expecting. I feel slighted. C'mon Kay, talk to me!

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