Dress Your Family in Dudgeon and Pique

There's nothing like a good holiday incident of outrage, and so yesterday this item about NPR supposedly editing out the "gay part" of David Sedaris' "Santaland Diaries" starting making the rounds of blogville.

The whole thing sounded bogus to me, and sure enough, buried deep in the comments on some of the postings are people mentioning that they heard the piece on NPR this year (they have aired it for the last 12 years) and it is intact. (That follows dozens of comments in which people are so outraged by the obvious republican-fascist tendencies of Cokie Roberts that they're planning the public lynching, although it's occurred to no one to check and see if the story is, well... true.)

(And folks, a reality check: David Sedaris is suddenly too gay, but you can solve that be cutting three paragraphs? Um, right.)

There's nothing like a fake controversy for the holidays! Meanwhile, in a surprise announcement, the Pope says the world needs Jesus, so if you picked this year in the "when will the Pope become a Buddhist" pool, you're out of luck.

And over at Reuters, they've come up with the most unintentionally funny is a sick kind of way lead for a story: under the headline Christmas Brings New Hope of Peace to Bethlehem, we read that everyone is excited by the death of Yasser Arafat. (The story contains no actual news, although the Pope shows up here too; his spokesman takes the bold position that the violence has "lasted too long." You think?)

I get the point but there's something a little weird about the juxtaposition, and I imagine "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" gaining new life as a holiday song.

Merry Christmas!

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