Big Fag Xmas

Saturday's mail included a package from Pete in Boston. Pete's presents always come late but are generally worth the wait. This year he sent me what is perhaps the most homosexual gift I've gotten in ages: a set of Madonna Nesting Dolls.

They are fabulously absurd. They came in a box informing me that they are hand painted (with a photo of a hand painting them) and are part of a special limited numbered edition - mine are number 1495 out of 5000! The best part is that as you open them up, you travel back in time through Madonna's career. So the outer doll is her "Music" phase, cowboy hat and all:

Open that up, and you're taken back in time to those heady days of eastern philosophy and trancey beats - the "Ray of Light' Madonna:

Inside that one, you find the awkward "Pappa Don't Preach" Madonna. She's in trouble. Deep.

And finally, comes the smallest doll, with the biggest hair. Yes! It's the 80s! She's a "Material Girl!"

I only wished I could open that one up and go on a "Holiday." Or find my "Lucky Star."

I am going to put them next to my little metal boxes covered in pictures from strange bible tracts of pre-adolescent children smoking and doing drugs.

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