Sometimes a Cigar

I went to see Sideways yesterday. It was a good movie, but after the build-up the critics gave it, I was a bit disappointed. It wasn't a great movie. It had some brilliant moments. But one of the year's best? I don't think so.

I notice today that Andrew Sullivan agrees. (Scroll down a bit, he still is lumping three to five posts into one permanent link.) I got a chuckle out of his comments through. Perhaps it's because Andrew likes to deconstruct the media, but he sees the reaction of critics to the movie as a product of their identification with the main character; movie critics are all neurotic liberal overly-verbal types, so they relate to the main character of this film and praise the film beyond its merits. It sounds almost like a conspiracy worthy of the New York Times to Andrew! I suspect it's just relief at something, anything coming along that doesn't seem to have been written for tenth-graders.

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