Lots of announcements at MacWorld today, including the new flash ROM iPod. When I started reading the description, I thought, "Ugh" - no display? it only works in shuffle? - but by the end I decided I liked it. I use my iPod in shuffle mode 99% of the time, and it is so freakin' tiny that it would be perfect for taking to the gym, or running/walking, etc. 12 hours of battery life and it weighs less than an ounce. Sweet.

And the Mac Mini? Not for me, but they have finally offered something that fills in the low end price point in their line. I think it's telling that it's designed so you can chuck your PC box, replace it with the oh-so-fabulous-looking little white thing (and it is TINY) and plug your old keyboard, mouse, and monitor into it. Obviously designed for low-end PC users interesting in switching.

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