San Francisco Moment

Last night I was watching Do You Speak American, an interesting PBS program on the regional dialects of the United States and how they have developed and changed over the years. Near the end of the program, Robert MacNeil is sitting with members of the San Francisco gay pride day committee talking about how words like "queer," "fag," and "dyke" have gone from being pure epithets to some kind of acceptability within the gay community.

There was a comment from one of the committee members that just captured San Francisco parochialism and self-importance so perfectly. In 1993 the theme of SF's gay day was "Year of the Queer." That choice, according to one committee member, "put the issue on the national stage!"

Yeah, if your nation has about 700,000 citizens and is smaller than a typical Texas ZIP code. Memo to San Francisco: you're fun, you're charming, we love to visit, but honey, you're NOT the only celebrity in town.

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