Kicking DC Around

Demonstrating once again that the GOP is the party of big, federal control of your private life, and massive intrusion into local affairs, a Virginia member of Congress has reintroduced a bill defining marriage for people who don't live in Virginia, the Washington Blade reports.

The hypocrisy is obvious. When I lived in DC I always wondered, when is this stuff all too much for people in DC, our biggest group of second-class citizens? Not to knock the political work that many are doing, but at some point someone needs to bring this issue to life in a way that capture the attention of the rest of the country and makes everyone start thinking about how unfair it is that half a million Americans pay their taxes, join the military, and have every responsibility of citizenship, yet are not represented in Congress and have the federal legislature oversee the smallest details of their city government - and of course, cannot resist intruding on all of it.

I would love to see something more dramatic there; a protest in the chambers of Congress, complaints to international human rights organizations, even people blocking the bridges from Virginia one morning as all those people commute in to earn their non-taxable paychecks and take the money back to Richmond.

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