Morning with the Commuters

Since I am such a nice guy, I drove my friend Mark to the airport this morning at 5:30. Coming back, traffic on 59 was already getting a little heavy - at quarter past six it was solid but moving heading back into the city. Do people really get up in those predawn hours to drive downtown, just so that they can have a bigger yard? I'd live in a smaller and place and sleep an extra hour, personally.

What is interesting about rush hour is that it's the only time of day that Houston drivers start acting like they live on the east coast - it's pretty much the only time of day that I feel like I'm driving in Washington. That is, people do things like speed up to block you when you put on your turn signal, and generally find ways to be as unpleasant to each other as possible, for no apparent reason (once they've blocked you they slow down). Weird.

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