The Big Lie

This "Economic Scene" article from today's New York Times is worth a read. It talks about the great myth that small government is good for business, and good for us all. This is, of course, the mantra of today's Republicans.

As Jeff Madrick points out, traditionally it's when government has taken an active role in the nation's business and economy that businesses - and the country - have flourished. True small goverment, on the other hand, makes it difficult for businesses to undertake large (and profitable) projects.

Of course, as much as the current administration likes to talk about small government, it's all a bunch of nonsense. (If Condi Rice were here, she'd now say, "Don't impugn our ethics by pointing out the contradictions in what we say!" Or, as John Stewart summed up her responses to Barbara Boxer, "No I did!" But I digress.)

What we have today is enormous government - with spending increasing far faster than it did during the Clinton years, but of course no revenue increases to pay the bills - with expenditures that are basically welfare for corporations. All that's getting cut (as I've noted on this blog before) are little pesky things like keeping our drugs and food safe or protecting us from industrial accidents.

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