The Search for Accountability is Over

I've resisted saying anything about the official end of the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq because, after all, what can I say that hasn't been said? And how can I talk about it without noticing that the majority of Americans don't seem to really care one way or the other that they were duped by their president?

But I will point out what others have said that's worth a look.

If it makes you angry that we were lied to, how do you suppose you'd feel if you had a family member who was killed in the war? Martini Republic offers up the comments of the brother or a dead soldier, lifted from the LA Times.

What if you livedin Baghdad and heard the news? An excerpt from a longer post at Baghdad Burning:

Terror isn't just worrying about a plane hitting a skyscraper…terrorism is being caught in traffic and hearing the crack of an AK-47 a few meters away because the National Guard want to let an American humvee or Iraqi official through. Terror is watching your house being raided and knowing that the silliest thing might get you dragged away to Abu Ghraib where soldiers can torture, beat and kill. Terror is that first moment after a series of machine-gun shots, when you lift your head frantically to make sure your loved ones are still in one piece. Terror is trying to pick the shards of glass resulting from a nearby explosion out of the living-room couch and trying not to imagine what would have happened if a person had been sitting there.

The weapons never existed. It's like having a loved one sentenced to death for a crime they didn't commit - having your country burned and bombed beyond recognition, almost. Then, after two years of grieving for the lost people, and mourning the lost sovereignty, we're told we were innocent of harboring those weapons. We were never a threat to America...

Congratulations Bush - we are a threat now.

I can't say I'm surprised to hear the official word that the rationale for the war was a giant deception. I am surprised that nobody cares. Maybe it's naive of me, but I really am surprised.

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