The Weather Outside Is Frightful

I know I'm not exactly going to get sympathy from my largely northeastern readers, but damn it was cold today. And it made me simply unable to leave the house. Despite it being brilliantly sunny outside, the temperature never crept above the mid-40s. And yes, I know this should be no big deal to a New England native, but you know what? Mid-40s is very cold.

So I woke up late, putzed around the house, then got sidetracked by technical problems - I changed the batteries in my bluetooth mouse, and it just wouldn't work right afterwards. This gave me an opportunity to try out Apple's new live support chat. They seem to be testing it by rolling it out to iMac owners only, but it worked nicely. Except the resolution was "your mouse is fucked, we'll exchange it for you." So now I'm stuck with a nasty little wired mouse that I got at a Microsoft partner conference.

I finally dragged my butt out at 3:30, went and read for a while at the Montrose Starbucks, and then saw In Good Company. It was quite good; Paul Weitz seemed particuarly tuned in to the little details that make the interactions between characters seem realistic - the small glances, the word here and there. The only really false note was when Dennis Quaid delivered a mostly incoherent series of questions/statements when the Rupert Murdoch-esque corporate boss was in for a visit. I think the point was supposed to be, "isn't it kind of a bad thing when a major corporations sees itself as a political entity above national laws, and fires lots of people? And isn't this whole synergy thing bullshit?" The satire of modern corporate/marketing culture was pretty much dead on for the most part, though.

But I had a thought as I left the theater: isn't interesting that there's a market for movies that suggest that unbridled transnational corporate power is bad, and which play to the experienced of individual Americans who have been on the receiving end of it... and yet we (the big collective we) keep going and voting for people who pledge to bring us even more unbridled transnational corporate power? Are we dumb, deluded, or just a bit schizophrenic on this one?

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