Opportunity Knocks

It's not just the biggest natural disaster, it's a great opportunity! That's how some Christian groups see the devastion in southeast Asia:

"In Krabi, Thailand, a Southern Baptist church had been 'praying for a way to make inroads' with a particular ethnic group of fishermen, according to Southern Baptist relief coordinator Pat Julian. Then came the tsunami, 'a phenomenal opportunity' to provide ministry and care, Julian told the Baptist Press news service.

"In Andhra Pradesh, India, a plan is developing to build 'Christian communities' to replace destroyed seashore villages. In a dispatch that the evangelical group Focus on the Family posted on its Family.org Web site, James Rebbavarapu of India Christian Ministries said a team of U.S. engineers had agreed to help design villages of up to 400 homes each, 'with a church building in the center of them.'"

If this reminds you of cults that identify people who are lonely or troubled for their recruitment efforts, it should - it's exactly the same thing. Except that when a cult has enough members, it becomes a "church." Disgusting.

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