Democracy in Action

So, GOP members of Congress are "seething" because the confirmation hearings for Condi Rice weren't a rubber stamp.

Well, let's see. The administration put forth a candidate for secretary of state who played a central role is missing the intelligence that warned of the 9/11 attacks, the screwed up intelligence that proved the rationale for attacking Iraq a total lie, and who has contradicted herself and the president in her statements. When faced with these contradictions her response is, "how dare you question my integrity?" If it's not her integrity, it's her competence. It's hard to tell which is flawed. In any case, the hearings were her opportunity to explain why neither her honesty nor ability should be in question; instead of offering such an explanation, she got petulant.

I think the administration should be thanking its lucky stars that the hearings weren't far, far worse for them. If Democrats had spines, they would have been. Perhaps they should stop getting pissed off at opposition legislators doing their Constitutionally-specified job, and ask their parties leadership why whiny, incompetent Condi Rice - a smart lady who clearly is better suited to being a professor than a Cabinet membe - is the best person they can come up with to be the nation's top diplomat.

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